Comcast Loves Me, It Loves Me Not
Pick those feathers one by one: NBC's peacock logo is loved not

As the peacock lowers its feathers between its legs and walks away, Comcast settles in to take its place.

Since 1956 NBC has been recognized by a peacock mascot and a three-bell jingle. But now with the stepping in of Comcast, the NBC network symbol seems to no longer be needed.

In other words, the birds got to go.

The colorful peacock of NBC became most prominent in 2004 when it symbolized NBC’s complete Universal assets. Since then the peacock surrounded by a circle was another way to display the merging companies of NBC and the Universal spinning planet.  

With Comcast now owning 51% verse GE’s 49%, its no wonder the cable and broadband company wants to start carving their own path.

The elimination of the peacock is just the first significant act made by the new owners since the official merger was announced back in December 2009.