Two Minutes That Will Point Out Those Addictions
Is it possible to not do anything for two minutes? Try this site to find out.

An average weekday night: Reading one of five half read books, eight minutes into seeing if Charlotte will finally cut loose the infamous bad kisser on Sex and the City,  Kings of Leon raging in the distance and simultaneously commenting on Facebook while tweeting out to the ‘Don’t think anyone is even out there to read this’ world.

With so much at our fingertips, is there any real doubt that it can be quite difficult to escape from all media and human contact? A night of relaxation, let alone just two minutes of closing the door on subtle distractions that have become vital to our every day way of living?

Two minutes of silence shouldn’t be too excruciating, right? Think again.

The site Do Nothing for 2 Minutes proposes the challenge to sit still for two minutes with hands off of the computer’s keyboard and mouse for a measly 120 seconds.  Two minutes could equal half of a song, two pages of reading or a quick nail polish touch up. Assuming it was worth the experimental shot, logging in was the first step.

Let the countdown begin and…Fail. Epic fail.

It was only fair to keep the usual night distractions intact while testing out the site. Low and behold, this was a mistake. Big mistake. Not even the site's soothing ocean waves helped. Before knowing it, statuses popped up, cue the Sex theme song and an index finger gave in.

With lasting just 27 seconds there was nothing left to do but to embrace the addictions when the 1:33 mark hit.

So silence didn’t last for two minutes, so what? At least the night ended like any other—with some Carrie Bradshaw advice.