Sony Playstation Network Still Down

Today marks an entire week since the Playstation Network went down for the count. An attack on its system last Wednesday left players unable to get on line and play multiplayer. This is the longest the Playstation Network has ever been down in its entire history.


Last night the extent of the damage was confirmed. The entire Playstation Network will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. In an update to the Playstation blog, Sony makes mention of the network’s shut down being due to “malicious action”. Now it is confirmed that “personal information” may have been compromised. In short, credit card information linked to some PSN accounts may have been compromised.


PSN has worked without any extensive down time for years, so users are beyond surprised. Those lucky enough to have Xbox Live are turning toward the competing console in the mean time. Many are frustrated that the shut down came mere days after the long-awaited Portal 2’s release. The game sports a highly anticipated co-op mode for online players that will just have to wait until the network is fixed. The most worrying part of this news is the data that may have been compromised, but Sony has not released any detail about what to be worried about specifically, how long that data was or is compromised, and what can be done.


From here on out it’s a waiting game, but Engadget is keeping its audience on the alert. Check in with them for the latest on the situation.