111 Scenes in 1/1000 of a Second


Over at Gizmodo, another photography challenge pulls in some amazing results. The catch this time was to capture a moment that takes less time than the blink of a human eye. Photographers would have to set their shutter speeds to 1/1000th of a second. To add to the trickiness of capture, 1/1000 flash and any longer exposure would disqualify the picture. Manual or Shutter Priority mode are the camera settings that these photographers utilized.



The typical attempts for projects like these usually involve capturing a drop of water or similar liquid movement, but submitters truly went outside of their element and got creative with their ideas. Among the best is a bowling strike completely frozen in time right as the ball connects with the pins. Two experimented with water balloons. One shot caught a water balloon on impact. The other caught a water balloon as it was being pierced by a toothpick midair. The water inside was frozen in an almost perfect sphere, just as it began its spread through the air.



The contest winner was a painstaking effort made by Glenn Krumholz and his wife. They managed to succeed in capturing the exact moment when a match is struck, a testament to Glenn’s patience behind the camera and his wife’s patience while lighting countless matches to get the right shot. The resulting photo was well worth it and inspires awe at the thought of how much happens in less than a moment.



There are 111 wonderful shots collected. To view all of them, see Gizmodo’s full collection. The photographers provide a brief description of their inspiration and process along with their photos.