Where to Find the Big Game News from E3 2011

This is a big week for video game fans. Electronic Entertainment Expo started today with Microsoft’s conference. For those not in the loop, E3 is the place to be for video game plans in the next few years. It’s where new consoles make their debut and the biggest hits of the next few years get announced. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, bring out their best in stiff competition with one another. News of a new Halo game and a reboot to the franchise excited Xbox 360 fans early this afternoon and an extended look at the new Batman: Arkham City confirmed that the sequel to the fan favorite would be even better than the original. New games that made use of the interactive Kinect were announced. The hardcore and casual gamer were both catered to. The Kinect, with its Wii-like controllers, will be getting a whole slew of new games. It will be host to an array of games ranging from hardcore shooters to interactive children’s games. EA, the company known for its sports titles, will be announcing the release of some new titles and its plan for the next few years in mere minutes from now.



Those of us with a busy work week, however, may be missing most of the news. Not to worry, though, the internet has us covered! Reporters at Kotaku have thankfully collected a comprehensive list of games that have already been featured early this afternoon and that will be featured in the coming few days. Their list is divided into Shooters, Role Playing, Sports, action and Et Cetera and will be updated live as the conferences commence. NeoGAF is collecting its own list for quick access as the days go on. Engadget reporters are liveblogging the event and even providing stellar pictures and video for readers to catch up on at their leisure. All of the Kinect game demos featured at the Microsoft conference are already up for viewing.

For those of us with access to the internet, but not a T.V., several sites are streaming live video of the conferences and trailers. Gamepro and Gamespot are both hosting live video of the event all day today.

For those of us at home, SpikeTV and G4 are splitting up coverage of all of the conferences. Tune in later tonight at 8 p.m. EST to see Sony's news for the PS3 and its new handheld console. Nintendo's conference begins tomorrow at 12 p.m. EST, where they will also have new console news.