35 Minute Boot Camps: Exclusive Interview with Fitness Expert David Cabral
Your way to an exciting and efficient workout

   Ever wanted a workout that was not only efficient but also fun? Well, coach David Cabral, owner of Hoboken Boot Camps, sat down with Joonbug this weekend- after a vigorous workout of learning to walk walls, pounding a truck tire with hammers, and Burpees- to tell you all about his innovative new 35 minute workout. From the warm-up you’ll already feel the burn and by the end, your heart is racing to catch up with the glory you feel for finishing that last lap. He uses freestyle combinations and fun props to give his studio a unique style with results like no other. You can be sure to see anything from a truck tire to resistance bands- the props are always changing so that his clients get the best variety of exercise possible. And that’s not even the best part. Remember, all this is done in 35 intense minutes.

Who is David Cabral, of Hoboken, New Jersey, you ask? Your passionate new boot camp coach, equipped with all the necessary tools to bring your adult child out through fitness, of course. And how did he start out?

“Three or four years ago, after I finished personal training, I ran my first boot camp in central park. I was the guy that carried 70 pounds on my back so people could get the best results. I wanted them to know that I was willing to work hard for them, so they would want to work hard for me. I then realized I wanted to change lives through fitness, so I went a step further and became a coach.  I was able to see people out there that needed something different than their regular boring workouts, and I was able to base my classes off of that. We do kettle bells, endurance, sometimes we even do games. Whether its flexibility, or core, my mind is a great hybrid of everything and it changes every single day. That’s the beauty of it, every day in new and different.”

 Some of you may be wondering how David was able to shave a whole 15-25 minutes off the average workout. “Well, it wasn’t an idea that came to my head. I was training people for 50 minutes in the park and there was only so much time I could train outdoors. I wanted to work indoors so that I could have more classes so I found Church Hall and they only had 35 minutes to give me. That’s where the idea sparked; I had to write everything down and I decided that that wasn’t efficient so I began freestyling the workouts. Now, I wake up in the morning and think of new combinations on my way to the studio.”

Described as an adult playground, David’s studio gives a personal touch while still keeping you goal-driven. He explains, “. All of the coaches have a story. We have so much passion for our clients which makes us different from the rest. We make it a personal experience rather than just a workout. For instance, one of my clients recently dropped 25% down in her blood pressure within the year because her health and core strength has increased. It’s amazing that the average person can work that hard toward their goal. And this is what I’m looking for. I want to get what I know out there to help people so that they can do better. It’s athletic training for the average person. It’s paced out, not ballistic. We’re looking to challenge people to be as strong as they can. Everybody has their own intensity and goes at their own pace and we work together with them to make it a personal experience. Here you can be your own person while still being a part of something. It’s a community. Like a playground for adults. You work hard but have fun at the same time. You know if you smile, you burn more calories.”

You know you’re in good hands when someone like David, a passionate perfectionist who has tapped into his inner child, is behind you. “I’m always researching so that I can be the best in the industry. I create body movements that go with the joints and patterns to stimulate the brain and work the body harder, but it’s all in a controlled environment. I learn joint mobility. I sit in the studio, meditate and test different combinations. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that I have to keep an open mind, I’ve tried a little of everything and am always looking for the most proficient exercises.”

But how is this different from all the competing NYC boot camps? “What people need to realize is that working out doesn’t have to be so serious anymore. Other places are hardcore and intimidating, we’re just as hard but we have a good time with it. It only takes 35 minutes. If you give me 35 minutes, a few days a week, you’ll get a better workout than if you had a trainer for an hour. People literally miss boot camp if they go on vacation. Isn’t that just amazing? To look forward to going to work out because it’s that effective and that fun.”

Well we don’t know about you, but after getting our butts thoroughly kicked, (without even realizing it) we’re sold. Only a 30 minute ride from NYC, you can use your metro card to take the PATH to Hoboken. Go to http://www.hobokenbootcamps.com/ for packages and contact information.