The Glass Greenhouse Lamp

It’s hard to make gardening a hobby in a big city. Tiny window sills are one of the only place a plant can get sun in an apartment, and that’s only if your apartment building allows it. Forget flowers, it’s nearly impossible to even nurture a few spices or a Chia pet. For the eco-savvy, those trying to save a few dollars, or those who love cool decoration, a solution has cropped up. “Glasshouse", created by designer Kristýna Pojerová, is a tiny green house for those without the space for one.





The pretty little orb also happens to double as a pendant lamp. The orb goes over a lightbulb, using its heat to create the humidity and light needed to support plant life. The opening in the center allows people to reach in to water and tend to herbs. It ventilates so that the plants air well and also allows for the light to pour through. The miniature green house makes use of heat waste from the lightbulb as well.

Plants can be tended to and removed easily. The miniature greenhouse is a cool and easy way to bring some green life to a small space. It is also one of many of Kristýna Pojerová’s unique designs. Each one meshes function with art. There is so much story and thought in each piece. To see them all, check out Pojerová’s official website.




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