hAPPy Holidays: 8 Cool Apps to Make Life Easier
The cold weather and TSA regulations are hassle enough, simplify your life with these nifty phone apps.

Google Shopper: This app finds products at the lowest prices in your area. You also get access to special offers from "deal sites" like Groupon and Living Social.

Gas Buddy: If you're one of the lucky travelers who can drive to your destination this holiday season, you'll definitely want to download Gas Buddy. This app locates nearby stations and gives you gas prices so you can find the best deal.

Trip Tracker:  If you're one of the many unlucky travelers who has to duke it out at the airport with other cranky travelers, Trip Tracker provides live flight status updates, real time weather reports, route maps, and hotel/car rental information. Leave the post-its at home.

Evernote: If you're looking for a full life organization makeover, check out Evernote. Their catchphrase is "organize everything" because that's exactly what this app allows you to do. From voice notes to shopping lists, to travel plans, this app will get your life in order. Pronto. Best of all it's compatible on practically every phone!

Giftmeister If you'd like to put little thought into your gift-buying this year, you'll definitely want to download Giftmeister. There's no shame in it, better leave it to the experts than pick out a gift the recipient will probably return anyway. With over 225,000 items, Giftmeister makes gift suggestions based on information you provide them about the recipient.

Everytrail: Never get lost again with this app! The GPS will guide you as you walk, providing street names, a compass, audio guides, points of interest, and details of your average speed, elevation and duration. Best of all, it's free and works all over the world!

NightLifeApp Yep, we know you'll be looking to escape the in-laws at some point. NightLifeApp will track local events, bars, promoters, parties, happy hours and more. Your escape will be a breeze no matter what city you're in.

My TSA Looks like the government has done something sort of right. This government-created mobile app provides guides to what is allowed through security, wait times, and flight statuses.  Best of all, it allows users to post real-time information about issues and wait times they've personally experienced.