10 Funniest Sites on the Web
The ten places where you should be wasting time RIGHT NOW.

Wasting time at work is an art form.  Take it from someone who reads articles in "print" form so they look less like websites and more like long, important memoranda.  Like an exercise regimen, it's not an interest -- it's a lifestyle. If you want to get as little work done as possible, as you've got to prepare.  

Time to assemble your cubicle survival kit.  

Stapler?  Check.  Extra pens?  Check.  Earphones to block out the annoying co-worker who keeps laughing at her friend's hilarious tweet?  Check.  Now for the real gear: a big important spreadsheet to click over to when your boss walks by...and some awesomely hilarious websites to help you get through lunch.  And if laughter is the best medicine, look for the 10 sites with that pack the biggest punch.  Here they are.


Cracked -- Billing themselves as "America's Only Humor Site Since 1958," Cracked.com is an Internet geek's paradise: ironic, clever, and fully dedicated to its dual purposes of original writing and spreading viral videos.  Its plethora of lists ("Seven Brilliant Movie Lawyers Who Suck at Their Jobs" and "27 Conspiracies Behind Everyday Annoyances") are pretty clickable, too.








Lamebook -- If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time on Facebook.  Some of that time is spent checking on the status of loved ones and besties, while most of it is spent ruthlessly insulting the dumb comments by loose acquaintances you met one time at a party.  Consider Lamebook a time-saver -- it's already found all the stupid stuff said by Facebook's users, and is begging for you to join the party.  


Hipster Puppies -- This Tumblr feed of lovable dogs dressed in flannel (or glasses, or skinny jeans if their owners are extra diligent) is a bit out of date since its book-promoting event this fall.  But since photos of adorable pups never gets old, start at the beginning to see some of the site's best work. (Examples: "Trigger says the words 'bike culture' out loud at least once a day," "Raven thinks you should really see more of Werner Herzog’s work before you try and have this conversation.")


Fark -- Just bypass the middleman, Daily Show and SNL fans.  Just get your ridiculous news stories direct from the source.  Fark.com provides modified headlines ("'Some children's cereals packed with sugar.' This message brought to you by the Institute for Scientists Who Woke Up and Realized They Promised to Publish Something Today") of the day's funniest, weirdest, and most asinine stories, along with links to the news itself.


The Onion -- If real news gets too depressing for you, try fake news.  The Onion's weekly satirical newspaper is always available online, with daily deadpan takes on notable figures and the more everyday.  While the backbone of the organization is in its print section, its media spoofs are just as strong.


FailBlog -- I mean, this should be pretty self-explanatory.











Break -- It seems like it was designed specifically for people who don't like reading, but the people at Break.com couldn't care less.  They're too busy assembling video after video in awesome series like "10 Hilarious Science Experiments" and "10 Best Pole Dancing Fails."  What Lamebook is to Facebook, Break is to YouTube.


Cute Roulette -- Initially advertised to me as "the perfect website for when you're sick in bed," Cute Roulette is the world's best pick-me-up.  Comprised entirely of animal videos, this site randomly selects a darling tube video featuring cats, turtles, and otters.


Awkward Family Photos 

















If you grew up on "Where's Waldo," you'll have a blast hunting through these pictures of hopelessly oblivious families, mercilessly photo bombed by their loved ones.  When not being embarrassed by others, the subjects do it themselves, whether through costumes, themes, or messed up relationships.


Oddee -- This site focuses less on humor than the bizarre...but who says the bizarre can't be hilarious?