Humblebrag: The Best of the Bragasaurus
Our top ten, from the tongue-in-cheek to the foot-in-mouth.

Finally, there's a name for this.  You know that thing your cousin does when you see him at Thanksgiving?

"Yeah man, it's been a good year.  But it's stressful, you know?  Buying your second house is just a nervewracking experience."

That's a humblebrag -- a thinly-veiled attempt to get people to notice how sweet your life is, while making it clear how tough you have it, too.  (And no, we don't know what that stress is like.  We're trying to make sure that rats don't try to sublet our apartments over the holidays.)  And while plenty of self-aware people have been using the hashtag #humblebrag lately, Twitter user @humblebrag has virtuously flown the banner of the twittiots by retweeting the people that say this stuff in earnest.  Our ten favorites:




Do you mean you're failing miserably at not getting hit on?  Or are you just failing at wearing pants?





Yes, because this looks like a man who doesn't care about what he looks like.  Way to keep it real, Jar.




Because when you take naked pictures of yourself, you clearly want them to go platinum...




Alright, you've peaked my interest.  What are the Midwest Emmy Awards, and are you sure you're not wearing a tuxedo T-shirt.






The infamous wide receiver hits all the Best Tweet requisites: throwing out the fact that he's too generous, asking his fans to promise to give him money, and overall douchebaggery.  He loses the prize for poor Twitter punctuation, though.  That extra apostrophe after "that" could have been used as a character somewhere else.




This wouldn't be nearly as funny if the guy's Twitter name wasn't already a humblebrag.








Notice that these tweets are one day apart.  Glad she found what she was looking for.




I don't know if this qualifies as "humble," but it's too brilliant to ignore.




My all-time favorite.  Way to "apologize" by tweeting about your torrid high school love affair.  You dog, you.