Happy Festivus! The Final Holiday Links

Tomorrow is officially Christmas Eve, making this one of our last entries before the holiday. Some of you may face the challenge of holiday travel, while others may still be in a panic over the right Christmas gift. There isn’t a lot of time to fritter around on the internet, but there will be once the family is gathered, stockings are hung by the chimney with care, or whatever tradition we hold dear is set into motion. For that peaceful moment, we’ve set aside some holiday links for those already in the spirit or aiming to be.

For those who still get the urge to sneak a peek at their presents, Nick Veasey may have beaten you to the punch. The artist known for his X-Ray portraits is back and he’s turned his rays onto his presents-and his tree. Well, he’s x-rayed just about  anything to do with the holiday. Live vicariously through the lad, and check out his X-Ray holiday portraits here.





It wouldn’t be the holiday without a shutterbug sticking a camera under everyone’s nose or putting a Santa hat on every living and inanimate being in the room. We’ve praised the wonder that is the awkward family photo. Now sit back and enjoy some of the best of the worst for the holiday with the season’s entries of awkward family photos.

For those through with wrapping presents and decorating trees, but still itch to create more for the holidays, check out these fantastically nerdy paper snowflakes. Star Wars fans can make their very own Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Clone Trooper, and R2-D2 snowflakes for their windows and trees.

Parents, guardians and older siblings--this is the time of weaving some pretty big tales for the little ones. Santa is coming, and his uncanny ability to break and enter where even Batman can’t sends kids’ minds reeling. Some of them want answers as to how one man can travel all over the world and survive a diet of sugar cookies and dairy. For the science-minded, Gizmodo has a pretty complex and logical explanation of Santa even the most skeptical of kids will believe.

Gadget and robot lovers may find there aren’t too many Christmas specials, plays, or parades up their alley. We’ve seen a bunch of kids sing to “Little Drummer Boy” plenty of times. Odds are good we’ve had to dance and sing to that tune in some grade school performance ourselves as kids. We know the number by heart. Now, a scanner and a robot? That’s new. Check out the video of the performance below:


Finally, today marks another year of Festivus for Seinfeld fans or those simply looking to opt out of the season’s bigger competitor. The time honored airing of grievances and feats of strength are among the beloved traditions created by writer Dan O’Keefe, whose son Daniel incorporated into the world of Seinfeld. The holiday, however, may not be as widely known by this generation. Spread the news with this handy infograph, brought to us by CableTV.com!


Have a happy and safe holiday, from all of us at Joonbug!