Joel Robison’s World of Books

There isn’t much in the world that can capture the feeling of being happily lost in the world of books. The journey to worlds we may never see is one that can start at any age. Simply picking up a book opens us up to new ideas and makes us a part of stories more grand than the universe we know. It’s hard to capture the years of wonder lining our bookshelves. That, however, hasn’t stopped a brilliant Canada-based photographer from trying, and making parts of that sensation wonderful and real.

Joel Robison, also known as boywonder (a user name we’re pretty fond of), creates some wonder of his own with photos based around the world of books. He explores both the comfort of reading and the worlds books open up for their readers. Paper dragons, whales that travel through pages, and worlds imbued with the magic created by books are only a few of the sights to see in the boy wonder’s photography. His self-portraits are at once cozy and mystifying. Tea cups and books welcome the viewer into a world just ever so slightly different for our own. In some pictures, Robison is tiny and the world is big. They capture how vast and engulfing some story worlds are--how small we are when peeking into worlds that are not our own, worlds that may not exist.

Many of his photos even combine the ideas of reading and fantasy with the world of nature. The blend, however, is so smooth and inviting. His photos are at once calming and alluring. It’s the perfect combination to tempt anyone to pick up a book. Luckily, it’s also just in time for the weekend. Check out Joel Robison’s Flickr page here for a little inspiration or to satisfy some curiosity, cool cats. Anyone who may find themselves hopelessly enamored with his work will find they’re in luck. Robison sells fantastic prints of most of his work on Etsy!

Here’s to a relaxing, fever free, first weekend of Spring!