That New Apple Smell
The MacBook Pro fragrance from Air Aroma!

Apple has its own specific kind of of fans. We’ve all seen them, known, or been one of these fans. They’re part of a phenomenon that made technology trendy. They love their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. They dig the sterile smell of a posh Apple store and they wear their white earbuds with pride. Apple products have become as much a fashion statement as they are a piece of technology. Slap an Apple logo onto just about anything and it might become an instant success. The people at Air Aroma are taking things a step further. They’ve bottled the essense of Apple products.

That’s right, these scientists of smell have customized a fragrance to capture the scent of opening a brand new Apple product. It consists of the distinct scents of plastic wrapping, cardboard boxes, ink, paper, and of course, the aluminum scent of a laptop. It’s an unboxing that can be sprayed through the air. Weird? Definitely. Why? The product was created at the request of Melbourne based artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn for an upcoming art show. They wanted a unique scent and for whatever reason (perhaps to please a pretty specific crowd) they wanted to emulate the smell of unboxing Apple products. The upcoming De Facto Standard art show will be the first and perhaps only place to experience the scent first-hand.

Anyone in Melbourne in the next few weeks can experience the scent, but really, it’s probably a better idea to head over to see the art. The Apple smell isn’t available for purchase from Air Aroma. If anyone’s really interested in getting their hands on the smell, the scent will cost them around $2,000 and last only a few minutes. On the bright side, however, it does come with a MacBook Pro.

To see exactly what goes into creating the smell of a laptop check out Air Aroma's take on their creation!