Music Festie Approved: 5 Handy Camping Gadgets You'll Love
The best camping gizmos for National Camping Month (and all those music festivals you'll be attending this summer)!

June is National Camping Month so stow those stilettos in the back of your closet and whip out your boots! Summer is the perfect time to get down and dirty in nature. Whether you're camping the old fashioned way or hitting up this season's slew of music festivals, we know it's not always so comfortable sleeping on the ground and peeing in the bushes! So we've rounded up some of the coolest camping gadgets to help make your experience a little more, uh, suburban.




Don't spend your day rubbing sticks together just to get one whispy cloud of smoke and no fire. Try out this Solar Oven, which uses the sun to fry, bake, or broil your food.










Instacloth Towel in a Tablet is the adult version of grow-your-own-boyfriend. This little tablet simply expands into a towel once submerged in water. It dries out quick and it super absorbent. Plus, it takes up practically no room.










The Ploo Portable is a necessary accessory if you're not used to roughing it. Think of it as a toilet and doggie bag all in one...or just try not to think of it at all.










The JakPak is pretty much the coolest thing ever. If you've ever found yourself wanting a jacket that can turn into a sleeping bag and a tent, then you've finally found your dream come true. This little baby surprisingly does just all that!






Okay, this last one may not be an actual gadget or gizmo, but is just as important when you set out camping. It's not practical lugging around a handle of beer through the woods, so opt for Powdered Beer. That's right, simply add water to this powder and watch as it turns into your beverage of choice...and it doesn't weigh a ton!