Screw 'Rich Kids of Instagram,' Here's Poor People & Ramen
Don't hate, appreciate!

We're sure many of you have seen the much criticized, most recent Tumblr blog to go viral, "Rich Kids of Instagram," which chronicles the young, privileged, and wealthy as they flaunt their lifestyles of jetsetting from St. Tropez to the Hamptons, sipping on Dom P with their Whoppers, and gyrating in front of McMansions --primarily on Daddy's dime. Look, everyone wants to do what they're doing, so there's no reason to get jealy about it. Don't hate, appreciate. Go out and get yours, ya see?

In the meantime, be grateful for your poor/middle class upbringing which provided you with humbleness, gratitude, and a hell of a lot of ambition and character. Ya gotta admit, we non-trust fund babies have a certain spark and tenacity that can only be obtained by the trials and tribulations of living in the real world. Be proud!

This is dedicated to the Steve Jobs', Oprah Winfrey's, and the J.K. Rowling's of the world.

From ramen to riches, bitches!