Surreal-ity: The Photography of Kylie Woon

There are plenty of photographers whose work can catch our eye in an instant. There’s nothing quite like the world viewed through another person’s lens. Even the most simple photo tells a story, reveals parts of the photograph bit by bit. Kylie Woon, a brilliant young photographer, tells more through her camera than words could say. Her work is an exploration of emotion through a surreal filter.








Woon’s photography is dream-like in the best of ways. They aren’t just pictures filtered through dreamy mid-day colors. Kylie Woon creates worlds of floating, flying disappearing and more. They’re a combination of motion and stillness. Some almost seem like frames of animation, placed closely together. More often than not in these surreal shots, she is the subject of her own scrutiny. She explores an emotional spectrum with each shot, from the whimsical to the grim. In a blog entry on Perspectives, she compares her journey to a lens being zoomed in and zoomed out:

 "When I am zoomed in, everything in the universe is dark except for the inside of my head. I feel my feelings with painful clarity, and I am obsessed. When I am zoomed out, I am floating in space somewhere, looking down on earth which is the size of a glass marble. Like pieces of a puzzle, things just seem to fall into place. It's a reassuring clarity."



Reading her writing is almost as great an experience as looking through her photos. There is always a method and a thoughtfulness that inspires her work. Although her photography can be very raw and immediately arrests the viewer, Woon approaches each with a thick understanding of the emotion behind them. They are each breath taking and sometimes beautifully strange, and it’s so easy to spend hours looking through her work! We’re saving readers a little time by featuring just a few in the gallery, but there is so much more on Woon’s website, A Cloud House!

She also has a Tumblr and Facebook page!

[Via Ian Brooks ]