Shopaholic Bear Can't Get Enough of Sears Appliances
Shoppers in Pittsburgh were stunned when a 125-pound black bear showed up to look at Frigidaires.

We all know bears love refrigerators (ya know, for the food) so it shouldn't have been much of a surprise when a 1-year-old 125-pound female black bear showed up at a Sears in Pittsburgh to do a little shopping. According to the Tribune Review, patrons spotted the bear in the parking lot around 8:30pm and started chasing it around with their cars said witness, Mark Marcinik, who was outside at the time.

(Come on people, how would you like to be chased around on your way to the mall?)

The frightened shopper clearly felt unwelcome as she rushed to the automatic doors of Sears, where she was trapped by wildlife conservation officers and shot with a tranquilizer before she could even decide on stainless steel or classic white.  Despite officers' attempts to curb her spending spree, she escaped the door enclosure and roamed around for about an hour, eventually falling asleep. (Probably due to the terrible sartorial selection rather than the tranquilizer.)

No one was hurt, but the ousted bear was overheard saying ,"Next time I'll go to Home Depot."