[VIDEO] Stop Motion Mario Animation Created With Post-It Notes

Stop motion animation has brought us some of the most stylized and cool-looking animated shows and movies. It spawned Gumby, Wallace and Gromit, and shaped The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s an art form that takes a ton of time and patience. Each increment of movement has to be captured by the camera. It’s almost like slowly repositioning a person and taking pictures of them over and over again.




Stop motion lovers and video game lovers alike will appreciate the stunning amount of effort that went into this one minute piece of animated goodness. FinalCutKing has brought a Super Mario level to life using just Post-It notes. How many, you say? Just 7,000. Mario takes a trip all around an office wall, literally bursting to life from what seems to be a computer emulator. His typical coin collecting, Goomba smashing, journey quickly becomes out of the ordinary, though.

Some guest appearances from other classic video game stars are part of the video’s highlight. Mario doesn’t get rewarded with a mushroom or coins, but with Pac-Man himself. Tetris pieces even fall from the ceiling. It’s a really fun video that’s clearly had a lot of work put into it, so we’ll let it speak for itself. Check it out below!



[Via Geekologie]