Not Myself Today: The Wall of Moods

It’s rare that we stop and assess what sort of mood we’re in. No one really ever thinks to search their feelings before their morning commute into work (Who are we, Luke Skywalker?). It sounds silly, maybe even frivolous. We even resign ourselves to “fine, how are you?”s in conversation. That’s fine on the surface, but it’s also a reminder that our society isn’t great about talking about feelings, or addressing them. It becomes a problem when so many people suffer from things like depression and there’s still very little knowledge about its symptoms that are commonly known.



Even worse, there are still too many that associate mood disorders or depression with only their outward appearance. People with depression aren’t taken seriously. They’re seen as lazy, over-dramatic about their sadness, or sloppy. It’s a problem, because at one point or another most of us will experience clinical depression. “Not Myself Today” is a campaign created by the Partners For Mental Health in collaboration with Public Inc. It’s interactive and colorful and lays out different moods in a way that’s accessible to everyone. A vast array of different moods are printed on buttons of nearly every color and commuters are encouraged to pick out the mood they currently feel.



Seeing so many feelings spread out really changes perspectives. Many are even feelings prominent in our lives that we just didn’t have the words for. The campaign aims to encourage talk of not only feelings, but mental health and wellness. The campaign has even created audio and video of people sharing their stories with regard to mental health.It's just begun, but readers can check out more here!

[Via Behance]