The ‘Unbaby Me’ Chrome Add-on

Fulfilling your daily dose of weird things from the internet, we bring you Unbaby.me. It’s a Google Chrome extension that works with your Facebook to filter a very specific thing: babies. More specifically, it filters out babies from your Facebook feed and replaces them with things the extension finds cooler. What’s cooler than babies? It seems it’s kittens, bacon, puppies, robots, tattoos and possibly Nutella.




Maybe the pressure’s on from relatives to start a family, maybe your friends just had a baby and that means at least 100 pictures of said baby per day clogging your Facebook feed, or maybe babies just gross you out for some reason. The internet has your solution, and while a filter for constant Instagram updates, pictures of food, or really bad memes might have been a bigger hit, it’s a solution for constant baby updates. The extension seems to have a collection of really popular images on the internet that immediately swap out image updates that have key words, including “so adorable”, “precious”, and of course, “baby”. It’s the brain child of Yvonne Cheng, Chris Baker and Pete Marqui, each New Yorkers who were apparently sick of baby updates from friends.

They’re not alone, either. The extension has only existed for a short while, but has over 41,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook. It seems a lot of people are ready to swap a ton of pictures of babies for cats and food. We don’t blame them. It’s not that we hate babies. On the contrary, the extension’s inventors love babies and so do many who installed it, it’s just a matter of seeing them too often. The years haven’t changed overzealous parents. Facebook is basically the modern version of a parent shoving wallet photos of their baby under your nose. It’s also a strange enough extension that it could get just about anyone curious. After all, a random feed of pictures means users can get just about anything. Adding to the appeal, users can enter their own filter phrases. This basically makes it possible to replace just about any picture you want with a random one from Unbaby.me’s RSS feed, so long as it has a caption.

Check it out at Unbaby.me!