The Curiosity Lands Successfully on Mars’ Surface

The Olympics weren’t the only big events for America this week. In fact, it’s been a pretty huge week overall. The Curiosity rover successfully landed on Mars early August 6th, to the delight of just about everyone. The Curiosity, one of NASA’s most advanced rovers is a moving laboratory on rocket boosters, equipped with cameras and ready to explore the surface of Mars. It’s a marvel of technology and it makes space exploration that much more real for everyday people. It means immediate feedback and learning about the planet. It’s as close as we can get, for now, to actually being there.






The landing was broadcast live from NASA, and it spurred excitement all over the internet. The feeling of joy was infectious. Some live feed from the landing, called “Touchdown”, showed NASA scientists and workers pumping their fists in the air, hugging, and overjoyed with the accomplishment. It was a thing of beauty and it warmed our hearts to see that screencaps and video from it were adored all across the globe. The Curiosity’s very first picture was taken with a fish-eye lens upon landing. According to the Mars Science Laboratory, it is the first picture the rover has taken of Mars’ surface, one of its wheels visible in the lower right hand corner. We are expecting much higher resolution pictures soon, in full color, which is amazing.


If that’s not exciting enough, it totally helps that whoever’s running the Curiosity’s Twitter has a great sense of humor. Its landing on Mars was kicked off with a great start.

To see more, check out what NASA's saying about the event!



[Via Geekosystem]