Stealth McDonald's Burglar Steals Armful of Yogurt Parfaits
Clever robber fails to steal cash register, grabs mediocre yogurt parfaits as consolation.

In a Mission Impossible-style heist, an Indiana burglar was caught on camera as he attempted to rob a McDonald's. Unfortunately, his grand scheme took a wrong turn when he was unable to steal the cash register. The culprit immediately adverted to Plan B, as sketched out in his handwritten book, "Best Robbery Ideas of All Time Ever Created, Ever" as he hit up the fridge and stole at least several sub-par snack size yogurt parfaits before making a break for it. (Personally we would've gone for the frozen meat patties --more street value.)

His well-thought-out mission seemed successful as he coolly strolled by police officers with an armful of parfaits, covered in glass. It didn't take long for authorities to identify him as James Bond, "Double Oh Seven." Actually officers identified him as Christopher McGlaufin, "Worst Burglar Ever."

Naturally, he was arrested and charged with theft, burglary, criminal mischief, resisting intelligence and aggravated stupidity.

[via ABC Local]