Can’t Get It Out of My Head


 As the work week winds up, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. Anticipating the weekend can make the hours go slower. We promise we won’t tell that you’re sneaking a peek at the internet to pass the time. In fact, we’ll introduce you to a great artist who also has a lot on her mind too.









French photographer Emmanuelle Brisson is known for doing unique portraits that capture a mood or state of mind. Because of this, her work is filled with some of the most wonderful variety we’ve ever seen. The people she captures are sometimes stark, cold, distant and wrapped up in a mood so well we can almost feel it being pulled out of ourselves. Other times her work is fun, humorous, and colorful. For her project, “Can’t Get It Out of My Head”, the mood seems to travel between the two extremes. After all, what’s on her mind is quite literally on display.






 Sometimes these are deep, troubling thoughts, other times, they’re pleasant every day things. Sometimes what’s wrapped around her head is smoke, a cage, or barbed wire. Other times it’s the soft glow of Christmas lights, bubbles, or even food. Besides what’s on her mind, Brisson is literally bare. Her photos are immediately arresting, maybe because they’re so strange, but they convey a mood really well. It’s not strangeness for the sake of strangeness, but something carefully thought out, much like the rest of her work.

There’s so much more from Emmanuelle Brisson!

Check out her website to see it all!


[Via My Modern Met]