Extra! Extra!: Berlin's Zine Library On Wheels
The Lesen Lounge goes mobile!

On her blog, The Lesen Lounge, Berliner by-way-of Canada Leah Buckareff defines a zine as "an independently produced publication. Most often they are self or hand-made books that vary in content, but usually house the creators' personal thoughts, ideas, or artwork both in text and images."

An avid artist and musician, Buckareff has set out to draw a greater awareness of zine publication from the Berlin community.  She will ride out through parks every weekend on her "Lesen Lounge," a bike with a brightly painted zine library attached.

Having a strong enthusiasm for zine publication for over a decade now, the Lesen Lounge is meant to be an extention of the zine exhibition she curated in 2010 at Berlin's Etsy Lab, titled Wunderkabinet.

With a wide-range of zines to offer, many from her own collection, anyone stopping by the Lesen Lounge can read anything from a writer's illustrated diaries to a comic book, can peruse an independent artist's drawings or a catalogue of hoarding-related injuries. It seems the zine world knows no limits. The zines she has to offer are all handmade and independently published, they come from all over the world and offer their readers a very fresh and unknown form of artistic medium.

She is quick to point out that while she accepts donations, this free service she provides is not about generating a profit. Buckareff is just riding around Berlin on her bike trying to catch people's interest on something that she has a strong passion for. She is not unrealistic in her expectations, the most sure-fire way to generate heat is to offer something up for free.

Buckareff not only hopes to inspire people to read zines, she is also hoping that readers will be inspired to try their hand at making their own zines. She is keen on the importance of making your own art as opposed to buying it.

So if you're ever in Berlin, be sure to visit her website at thelesenlounge.com, where her youthful drawn maps accompanied by a Google map will be able to point you in the right direction as to where she will be that weekend.

One thing is for sure, Buckareff is a woman on a mission.