Science at Play: Disney's Interactive Technology Lets You Jam Out with Your Plants
Introducing Botanicus Interacticus

Disney researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed new technology that will bring your plants to life. Based on the principle that all living things contain natural electric energy, scientists are using computers to tap into this energy and make it possible for us as humans to go so far as to play music with a rhododendron!

Now don't fear for the plants, these researchers assure us that the process is completely non-invasive. Simply by placing a wire in the plants soil and attaching it to the computer software, we are able to interact with the plant. The software allows the plant to detect our touch location or even estimate our frequency of grasp and contact, thus our being able to play a plant like an instrument.

This new technology is expanding the realm of computing devices beyond the realm of alternate appliances and into the entire physical environment. With this development researchers are able to detect the electrical components of living plants and replicate them exactly in its artificial counterpart. In short, it makes it possible for a fake plant to look alive!

The application of this new technology is boundless. It makes it possible to design entirely responsive and interactive environments, environments that we may never have been able to imagine. Environments that have only before existed in the fantastical world of Disney!