Old Fashioned Photography At Your Fingertips
Move over Instagram, there's a new photo app in town!


StrutType, a new iPhone app, gives both amateur and professional photographers the ability to turn their photos into turn-of-the-century works of art. iOS app developer Christine Summers of Ultimate Chemistry and media relations guru Neil Alumkal, and President of Stuntman PR, collaborated to bring this unique app to life. The app recreates dry-plate photography between 1875 and 1920. It features a range of 20 filters, black & white, gray tones, sepia, greens and cyans combined with period-specific canvases, textures, watermarking, vignettes, light-leak effects and frames. “The wood and brass Strut folding camera introduced the first portable, dry plate photography in our history. It was actually the flaws of the process that gave images of that era a character that’s been lost ever since,” explains Summers, President of Ultimate Chemistry. “The light leaks, the vignetting, the canvas, the frames, the random blurs and the tinting culminated to create a certain magic that’s almost unachievable now. This is the first time in a century where you can get that look without an extreme amount of antique shopping.”

You can take any photo and make it moldy, put it on canvas, give it a peeling effect and adjust each of the effects stronger or weaker. You can even have it randomly select effects for you. “It’s amazing to shoot against an old building and watch the image go back in time before your eyes. By the same token, StrutType is an equally nice lens for a modern-day special occasion or a night out on the town,” says Neil. Forget Instagram, folks, StrutType is the new kid on the block...and it blows others photo apps out of the water. Click here to download.

StrutType’s special features include:

* FILTER: Select from the era's best gray-scale, sepia and tinted treatments.

* CANVAS. Photosynthesis makes images come alive on a virtual canvas with forgotten

* TEXTURE. Add a scratchy antique layer that effectively weather and AGE the
photographic image.

* LIGHT LEAK. Simulate the effect of the light leaks associated with old cameras that
give old black & white photos their distinctive character.

* VIGNETTES. Re-create the vignetting associated with taking a shot through an old

* FRAMES. Adds authentic, antique picture frame to your prize image.

* CROSS-PROCESSING. Customize your photograph with BONUS full-control, in-
camera effects: blur, saturation, contrast, brightness, gama

* SHARING SERVICES. Save your photos to your album or upload to Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr.