Fight the End of Summer Blues with Flowers.
Cary Pereyra creates the perfect bouquet to fight the Fall doldrums.

If you've ever ventured around Greenpoint, then hopefully you've seen The Little Glass Slipper, a truly one-of-a-kind herb florist. Cary Pereyra combined her tenure under master decorative artists like David Tutera with her interest in herbal studies to debut the Brooklyn shop. The florist sells ready-made and bespoke arrangements that offer aromatherapy, skin care, air purification, edible arrangements, and other medicinal benefits. Since everyone is getting the blues now that summer has left us, we asked Cary to help our readers out by letting us know how to fight the end of summer blues, courtesy of her herbal arrangements.

"It is well known that colors have an effect on the psyche.  Bright colors, like oranges serve to excite, greens make us feel peaceful, mentally and emotionally relaxed.  White rooms give us mental clarity and make us think of clean, organized spaces. Reds are a call to action and yellows are the color of happiness, scents also play a significant role in being able to enhance or change a mood," says Cary.

"I like to use gardenias when scent is necessary to transform a space. Gardenias have a beautiful warm scent and one bloom can perfume a large space very quickly. It's scent can certainly handle the job of lifting ones spirits during the winter blues."

The bouquet made by Cary below serves specifically to ease the transition from bright and sunny to cold and dreary. Check out what she used and why!

Seeded eucalyptus: Eucalyptus has been used in a variety of commercial preparations to help battle respiratory infections since it is antibacterial and antiviral. Forget Fall and Winter colds with this herb!

Roses: The essential oil of rose petals is distilled to create rose water. Rose water has an astringent quality to it that can be used on sensitive and dry skin. It has also shown to be effective as an anti aging treatment when used as a prevention against wrinkles.

Dried Poppy Pods: Californian poppy in particular is a mildly less potent narcotic than opium poppy and helps with insomnia and soothing respiratory conditions.

So what're you waiting for?! Head to The Little Glass Slipper (or head to your garden) to pick out all the right components that'll make your transition to Fall a little less depressing.