Best of All Worlds: New Social Media Platform
This hip new social media platform focuses on the 1%


Social media snobs you're in for a treat - a new online social network is making its way to you! Erik and Louise Wachtmeister launched Best of All Worlds, an innovative and private online community that focuses on the future. Erik states that, "So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s pasts. Best of All Worlds is about paying attention to our own future.” This invite-only platform offers relevant future-facing information instead of focusing on past events. You can access Best of All Worlds both online and through their iPhone app.

Members of this unique community can connect and network through similar passions, intents, and perspectives within 'worlds' such as business, technology, art, health, and food and wine. Members can set their 'mode' at any time to reflect their immediate interests or purpose. For example, a ‘professional’ mode can be set in the afternoon, a ‘social’ mode in the early evening, and a ‘party’ mode for later.

The app allows users to discover people, places and things around them or browse around to get inspired. Louise Wachtmeister comments, “Having Best of All Worlds in your pocket is a great tool whether you are traveling or at home. We call it the ‘Social Navigator.’ It helps our members discover relevant people, places, things, services and events within their immediate location.” 

The only downside about this cool, new way to socialize is that you will have to wait until someone you know gets invited to join, so that they, in turn, can invite you. A very select group of leading entrepreneurs, creatives, and thinkers were the target demographic who were the first to experience this new social media platform. Best of All Worlds will remain targeted at the top one percent of the global online population, so keeps your eyes peeled for your exclusive invite to Best of All Worlds.