The Refine Method
'get a ballet booty & then some with this hot workout'

By now, most of us have heard of barre pilates and booty ballet. But, what if we want our entire physiques to resemble that of a prima ballerinas? Get one step closer to long gams, toned shoulders and a serious six-pack (plus that firm booty we all long for) by introducing the Refine Method to your regular exercise routine.

Created by New York-based, Black Swan back-up dancer, Brynn Jinnett, the Refine Method goes beyond quasi-plies and basic barre moves to give you a real dose of the athleticism behind ballet.

The Refine Method combines circuits of resistance training with high-intensity cardio complete with a bit of barre (mostly there as a balance aid).

Starting in a tiny 650-square foot studio on the Upper East Side in October 2010, Refine Method quickly received acclaim and within six-months was named New York Magazine's, Hottest New Workout of 2011 and Jinnett also racked up some serious celeb appeal such as Kelly Ripa and Ivanka Trump.

Now, approximately 1,000 clients comprise 27-year old Jinnett’s and the 70 or so weekly classes are continually fully booked which prompted her to open a second studio in July 2011. And, in May Jinnett launched a shoe designed to be worn during her work out .

Sounds to us like a DVD is next though she’s weighing it versus more studios? “I’m constantly working on staying true to the brand,” she says.

For more information visit: www.refinemethod.com.