Empire in the Making
Meet Restaurateur, Nicole Ponseca



Meet Nicole Ponseca, Superstar Entrepreneur, Owner and General Manager of whirlwind restaurant success Maharlika Filipino Moderno. Ponseca did not begin her journey in the restaurant biz -- rather working as an ad executive at Saatch & Saatchi when she realized New York lacked even mediocre Filipino cuisine.

Thus began her upward climb to acheive a new goal. She began taking on multiple jobs in bars and restaurants to learn about the industry and started researching Filipino food. Eventually, Nicole opened up Maharlika as a pop-up serving only brunch, allowing her to experiment with the menu and work on establishing her brand. Next came pop-up dinner and finally, a full fledged restaurant establishment!

The rest, as they say, is history. In less than two-years, Maharlika has received rave reviews from top magazines, papers, and websites, for not only their food, but their cocktails, as well. But acheiving such success has not stopped Nicole from dreaming even larger than that.

Next on her plate is serving up even more Filipino cuisine in the East Village, this time gastropub style. Nicole and team will be opening Jeepney later this month, which will have new creative dishes and beer and wine cocktails. We don't doubt that Nicole will hit it big again with her new endeavour and we can't wait to check it out. You go girl!

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Maharlika is located at 111 E. 1st Ave. New York www.maharlikanyc.com (646) 392-7880