Messages From Beyond
Interview with Psychic Thomas John

The world is divided into skeptics and believers. I have always been a skeptic, yet intrigued by these things that most cannot understand. Thomas John has made a true believer out of me. Medium and psychic, Thomas has been blessed with a gift that he's utilized since the age of four. He currently has a full-time private practice in which he helps others connect with loved ones and gives psychic advice. Not only is he a published author and life coach, but he is also known for providing his services to high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, and Sean Young. But even that won't convince many of true psychic existence. I went to Thomas's office to conduct an interview, but I left with a lot more than just that. Thomas John began by giving me a full reading, in which he said some truly unbelievable things. He relayed messages to me from my grandmother (who recently passed) knowing details about her life, some of which even I didn't know about until I told my mother what had happened afterwards. It was utterly astonishing to hear what he had to say and I will always remember that experience. But wouldn't you like to know a little bit more about the man behind the medium? Read the interview below!


Can you control your gift? I can control it to a certain extent. It depends on how strong the message is, but usually I can control it. It requires enough concentration that when I'm just walking down the street I don't just get a message about someone as they pass me by because I have to close my eyes and concentrate. That's why I close my eyes - it's my sign to the spirits that I'm ready to work. Although there have been instances that, for example, I'm at Starbucks and I'm getting a strong message about someone so I tell them what I do. So it's happened without my control, but it's happened probably only about five times in my life. 

What are some of your most memorable experiences? A lot of the stuff that happened when I was a kid sticks out in my mind because I didn't really know what it was so I still think about that. I had a friend that passed away right before college and he would visit me; it was very bizarre. When it's your own stuff I think you remember it more. Another thing that sticks out in my mind that blew me away was when this woman came to me, not for any particular reason, she just heard of me and wanted a reading, and she was an older woman. Her parents came through and her aunt and then I asked, "Who's the poker player?" and she said, "Oh, that's my husband." And I asked her, "Who's the dentist?" and she said, "That's my husband." So I went through three or four things like that and they were all her husband. And I said to her, "He's really sorry he passed so quickly," and she said that he was still living. So of course I feel like a total fool; I must have got my wires crossed. The next morning I get to my office and I had a message that her husband had passed, during her reading. So she ended up coming back and having a whole different type of reading; we both felt kind of stupid, this guy was trying to get through and we didn't realize. But I've had a lot of weird experiences, like people's pets come through and they talk like people sometimes and they say things that are very deep. I had a women come once and she was not impressed by anything I was telling her. I told her all this stuff and she totally didn't get it and then at the end I said there's a hamster here for you and she said, "Oh my god, Snickers!" So sometimes you just don't know what people want to hear; they might be more interested in one thing than another. So there have been a lot of memorable experiences, but those two things really are weird. 

You hold classes that teach people to communicate with the dead. Is that something anyone can do and learn and are there varying degrees to which people can communicate? I think it’s something that we can all do for ourselves; in my classes I basically teach people how to connect . The dead do send us messages and it’s mostly just to say hello – like a calling card from heaven.  I think everyone can do it for themselves, once they trust in it, but to go and do it for your life, that’s a whole different thing and takes a lot of commitment, and I think you have to be at a certain degree. The analogy I use is everybody can probably run a marathon, but not everyone can be an Olympic marathoner. I teach one class that’s more psychic focused, seeing the future and intuition and then one class is more about reaching the dead.

Do most of your clients come in seeking anything in particular? In this day and age I have noticed people come in a lot regarding their careers. Not necessarily about their jobs, but more in regards to their life purpose. Because of the economy, a lot of people have been uprooted and they feel like they can’t do what they want to do, whether it’s finance or business, so people are turning more towards spirituality. So I get a lot of questions like, 'What am I doing here?,' and 'What’s my purpose?' When I first started doing this four or five years ago, it was more direct questions like when am I going to get a job? Now they are very existential type questions. And then in regards to being a medium, it’s just a totally different animal. I think people come because they want to know that their loved ones are okay. I have people that come for pets, kids, parents, etc. I think it doesn’t always work – sometimes people come and they aren’t open. They think they’ll talk to their brother or their dad and they’ll get their aunt instead, but I’d say 80-90% of the time they hear from the person they needed to hear from and it really changes their life. I think it does help them; it’s like therapy.  

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