Cool Green Stuff
The Guide to All Things Fashionably Eco-Chic

Cool Green Stuff features a collection of eco-friendly products. Each of these innovative designs is intended to make the world a cleaner, greener, and of course, a cooler place. Written by green guru, Dave Evans, the book offers up a guide to finding great, sustainable, renewable objects you will love from environmentally friendly handbags to home or office worthy, statement chairs to eco-friendly, electrifying lamps. Inspired by the latest reports of “cool hunters”—a new breed of trend watchers who travel the physical and virtual world in search of cutting-edge design—these products will amaze and tempt you. From a wine-bottle hanging lamp to floral bracelets made of vintage fabric, this collection showcases the imagination and innovation of leading designers at work around the world today. Some of the designs in Cool Green Stuff meet our environmental challenges head on, actually saving energy, water, and waste; others aim to tread lightly on our delicate planet. Each product is coupled with an explanation of its environmental significance, the materials used to create it, and its website which is ideal for immediate purchase sake. Best of all, when you start using the Internet sites to kickstart your own search for cool green stuff, a new, eco-chic world will open up.