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Our Top 5 Cool Picks of the Week

We at Joonbug are always on the hunt for the coolest new products, designs, fashion, art, music and more. In addition to reporting on the coolest events around the city, writing up the best restaurants to dine and bars to drink and interviewing cool Manhattan-based fixtures, we’re also 24-hour cool hunters. In the spirit of ‘all in a days work,’ here are some of the most awesome finds we came across this week.

Blu Dot Real Good Chair

‘a smart design in custom colors’

Modern furniture maker, Blu Dot offers good design that’s accessible and affordable. Vibrant, dynamic and good-kind modern-contemporary, choose your chair in bright orange, gun-metal gray and egg-shell white for a FAB deal of just $120 a pop.


‘unbeatable boots for fall and beyond’

We’re total shoe whores here at Joonbug. And, lucky for us, our addiction has finally met fashionably, functional, modest priced boots for fall. Snag some serious footwear style from MTNG, a Spanish company that specializes in high-quality leather, suede and shearling shoes, meticulously crafted with an old-European touch. Get ready to meet your best boot buddy.

S & M Watch

‘exuberant graphic watches’

Despite it’s suggestive moniker, S & M watch is no pain and a whole lot of pleasure. These tempting timepieces are distinguished by happy-go-lucky patterns and interested graphics that make for a high-style, no-stress accessory for your budding watch collection of course.


‘upcycled skateboard stools’

Skater or not, these stools are seriously super cool. Deckstool founders and brothers, Jason and Adam Podlaski found a niche in broken skateboards by turning them into artful stools. Swoop one up at FAB for a mere $175.

Magnetic Party

‘words that stick with you’

Oy Veh, Schmooze, We, Never, Well, Equipped..these are just a few of the words on magnets you can find in Dave Kapell’s writers’ block inspired selection. Boxed sets include original, the poet, sexual innuendo, love, crassy, sassy and educational themed selections. Your favorite fridge related pastime just got a little more fun!