Intimate Products with Integrity

“I believe that sensual products should be as desirable as the act itself,” says Ti Chang, Co-Founder and CPO (Chief Pleasure Officer) at Crave. Crave is a luxury lifestyle brand that believes intimacy should be sophisticated and classy. Made in San Francisco, the good-kind kinky company combines thoughtful design with the highest quality materials and manufacturing practices to create modern products that will undoubtedly enliven sensuality and enhance intimacy.

In a world where high-tech and luxury design seem to touch every corner of our lives, the most intimate experiences should be no exception. The dominating culture in adult products can often feel cheap and sleazy, when pleasuring yourself should only feel oh-so-good.

Crave launched after literally craving something better, something beautiful, something discreet, something environmentally friendly and something sophisticated. After all, if anything deserves a good, quality design, it’s the things we bring to bed with us.

For more information or to get your very own CRAVE product visit:  www.lovecrave.com/shop