Whimsical, colorful and spirited art

Do you love vibrant, colorful art infused with flowers, hippie vibes, all with an eclecctic twist? If so, then you have to check out a s p a r t a m e. Hidden deep in the world of Tumblr, lies a page dedicated to debonair works of art that are vivacious yet peaceful at the same time. Joonbug was able to get in touch with the mysterious maven behind aspartame (who prefers to remain anonymous) and get a glimpse of what inspires her artisically.

Have you always been an artist?
Yes! Even When I was really young, I have absolutely always been creating.

When did you start your tumblr "aspartame"?
I have had my artwork online for a couple years now on various websites, but I started my tumblr, March of last year.

Where did the name "aspartame" come from? What does it mean?
I am not even entirely sure, maybe its like a ‘you are what you eat’ sort of thing? I mean if you think about it artificial, chemical, sugar is a rather interesting concept…I’ve read a bunch about how terrible it is in fact, I know and its supposedly ”150-200” times sweeter than actual sugar, who determines this sort of thing? I think perhaps, its attached to its, societal, cultural, metaphorical relations maybe. I tend to flutter from one name or identity to another this is perhaps just the current one in my evolution  
What is the inspiration behind your artwork?
Well, what am I not inspired by, you know? Like how could you not be inspired by everything? Even if perhaps it is just slightly or even subconsciously. But I think most prominently, sunlight, love, and overgrown meadows. also, the human form and all the ways it can be perceived and presented. I enjoy pretty things and not so pretty things, all sorts of things.

Your artwork is very colorful. What tools do you use? Water colors? Chalk? Paint?
I tend to mix a lot of different media together, [crayon, coloured pencil, marker, pastels, ink, acrylic, tempera, oil] however the majority of my work is ballpoint pen and watercolour paint

I noticed a lot are depictions of women with a sort of hippie, psychedelic feel. Do you usually take that approach to most of your artwork?
Usually yes. I think it gives off an interesting and distinguishable vibe. I do however take random deviations from my norm and focus on more realistically styled work.

Do you do custom work?
I do! I’ve done portraits, tattoo designs and various creations. I love playing around with others’ ideas and seeing what I can make out of what they see in their mind.
Do you have any other hobbies besides art?
I enjoy photography, music, as well as talking to plants and sky watching

Overall, how would you describe yourself as an artist? What type of things do you love and what inspires you?

In everything I make I strive to be almost obnoxiously vivid and colourful, as well as surreal, open-minded, and free. I want to put phantasmagoria on paper. I enjoy pushing boundaries and creating things that make people think, ask questions, and be inspired. I am always fond of making peculiar things that are idiosyncratic and recognizable. I like to see things differently and in turn let others share the sights as well, I am inspired by lots of little things, every petal, every leaf, steam from a cup of tea, the way the sunlight glows in the late afternoon. flowers, forests, the shores of lakes and oceans, and the time of year between late spring and early summer are my favourite.  The endlessness and complexity the universe and the splendor of nature will always astound me.