Vinny the Chin Stars in Movie
This Long Islander knows how to party


The Long Island legend, YouTube sensation, and GrooveFox radio host, Vinny the Chin, is now starring in his own movie. The film documents his daily life, clubbing and winter rituals as he preps to party in the Hamptons on Memorial Day Weekend. Vinny will be on the move from New York to Miami as too! Included in the film are his visits with Cocaine Cowboy star Mickey Munday and date night with video vixen Tammy Torres. 

Additionally, Vinny is offering 10% of all sales that come from you spreading the word. You can check out the movie, soundtrack and help share the word here! The movie also comes with an original house music soundtrack with titles including "Stomp the Deck (STD)," "Pop Your Pecs," and "Today is Not Your Day." Sounds like it could double as the soundtrack to The Jersey Shore with all of it's fistpump worthiness!

Watch the preview clip below and you can buy the album on iTunes here!