Wear Your Comp On Your Sleeve

How many times a day do you take out your phone to check the time? If you’re like me, the answer is constantly, almost to the degree of obsession. I like to know what time it is, at all times. Rumor has it that Apple may have the answer for those of us who are time checking obsessed as they are experimenting with a wristwatch computer. Our dreams of Marty McFly’s hoover board from Back to the Future may be a few years off but we can soon be checking our wrists for bits of information just like James Bond and comic book detective Dick Tracy.

The always secretive Apple has dropped hints that they’ve been experimenting with curved glass at their California headquarters. The glass would be capable of curving around a human body. But engineering curved glass that is flexible enough to move along with the unpredictability of the human body was no easy task. After a decade of research, Corning, the maker of the tough Gorilla Glass used on iPhones and iPads, has solved that difficult challenge with the invention of Willow Glass. The Willow Glass is so thin and flexible that it’s able to “flop as easily as a piece of paper in the wind without breaking.” Now that the mystery behind the materials is somewhat uncovered there are a million and one questions that tech nerds and apple-aficionados are dying to have the answers to. Will Siri be included? Could you use the iWatch for directions in real time? Would it be a more technologically-advanced version of Nike’s Fuel Band? Would the watch be synced to an iPhone using Bluetooth making the device completely hands free? And the list goes on and on. Although Google is hot on Apple’s heels with their Google Glasses, Apple’s wristband computer will likely be a cheaper alternative to Google Glasses and will be the best way to deal with competition from other brands such as Google and Samsung. If the technology is available, which we’re sure Apple is very capable of, wearable computers may replace the Smartphone in the next decade or so.