Couture for Your Cup: The Drink Hanky
The latest fashionable craze #drinkhankynation!

Just when Joonbug thought we heard of it all—there's always something new and fun on the horizon! The Drink Hanky is an innovative creation for your beverage of choice from native New Yorker Amanda Bertoncini. The idea originated when Bertoncini (working in the fashion business in NYC) went for a weekend drive with her father to meet her grandparents in Queens, NY for Sunday dinner. They would always stop for coffee on the way. After receiving their drinks from Starbucks, she began to notice her iced coffee was leaking everywhere in her cup holder. The idea came to mind right at that moment! She needed to design a high-end Snuggie type creation for everyone's beverage. Voila, the Drink Hanky was born.

Joonbug had the opportunity to try the Drink Hanky and we like it! It's an affordable, fashionable item that all can utilize. The product reaches out to people of all ages. You literally can dress-up any bottle—a baby bottle, guys drinking beers at a hockey game, business people with their coffee in the morning, retired people soaking up the sun, or those who like to workout enjoy using their Drink Hanky at the gym.

Proudly made in the USA, we also admire young business women and men with creative ideas that are go-getters and making it happen. Cheers to Amanda and the Drink Hanky. You can be a part of the #drinkhankynation and join their Facebook page. They encourage fans to upload their stylin' photos to share how you matched your Drink Hanky to your latest ensemble.

Photos courtesy of: Street Image Photography