How About We...
Your exclusive source for unique dates in your city.

Living in a major city can be a constant flow of excitement. There’s amazing, inventive eateries, an endlessamount of bars that keep the cocktails flowing, and there’s enough culture to drown in. But sometimes it seems as though you’ve exhausted all of your options, especially if you’re in a relationship. We don’t mean with your paramour we mean you’re bored silly of going to the same six restaurants and the same bars every weekend. Take advantage of what your city has to offer with How About We…for Couples.




The How About We…For Couples dating site has taken all the hassle out of scoping out things to do with your beau (or sister or best friend, of course). Keep it under wraps and the person you bring along for the How About We… events will think you’re the most wonderfully thoughtful and spontaneous person with the best insider connections around! So how does it work?

For a membership fee of $22 per month, you will receive a new collection of How About We… Dates, all hand-picked, depending on your location, for their quality and originality, so that you and your loved one or partner in crime have an exceptional date or time together. The membership, which can be cancelled at any time, includes a selection of free dates each month, sold out tickets and members only events, early access to book new dates, up to 75% off every date in their collection (nonmembers pay a different fee), and couples reward points for other exclusive offers. It's like Birchbox for experiences instead of cosmetics. 


In NYC, for example, couples can enjoy complimentary drinks for 2 at Bottino. Free mojitos, sangria, and Samba dancing at SOB’s. A live comedy show, with dessert and drinks included, at The Stand comedy club. A 3-course tasting menu and wine at Northern Spy Food Co