Uniqbrow: Evolutionary Eyewear
Interchangeable Shades from Barcelona

The most visible and popular fashion accessory worn is something you wear every day—eyewear. Whether prescription or just a fashion statement, your eyewear usually stays the same every day until you either accidentally break them or until it’s time to go back to the eye doctor for a stronger pair. If you’ve gotten into the habit of buying cheap "designer" shades off the street you've probably sacraficed quality and space in your dresser, especially if you don't have an entire closet dedicated to sunglasses like Bono. With all of this in mind, a start-up company in Barcelona has created an innovative, customizable solution to our eyewear woes with Uniqbrow Sunglasses.  

You’ll be able to compliment any outfit with eyewear by Uniqbrow. With 12 vibrant and neutral colors and 3 shapes you’ll be able to change your shades just as often as you change your shoes, coat, scarf, and any must-have fashion accessory of the season. For those of us who are indecisive that’s 36 different sunglass possibilities. The three styles are all Buddy Holly-esque with one style being more feminine with a slight cat-eye frame. The exterior is made of an innovative soft material that allows for additional comfort than traditional plastic frames do. The interior structure of all three style of glasses is identical with the same lens perimeter to ensure that the same lenses will fit into the three different shapes. The same dedication of quality also applies to the lenses. Uniqbrow uses sunglass lenses from Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision, the highest quality available in the optic market. Need prescription lenses in your shades? No worries! Just take your pair of Uniqbrows to your eye doctor to have your lenses measured to fit inside.

Uniqbrow is so new that they don’t even have an online store yet! But they’re in the process, so for now you can pre-order, here

Help them launch their international business by investing, here