Get Fit with Basis
Boost energy and feel better!

With spring here many of us have fitness on our minds! Joonbug heard about this ultra-cool fitness band called Basis and wanted to learn more! You wear Basis on your wrist and it helps you decipher which activities burn the most calories, tracks your heart rate, and gives you insight into your fitness routine and overall health.

This lightweight, sleek, and easy to use device can be taken anywhere! For the fashion-minded there are various color options including vibrant red, black, or white. Basis serves as a fitness watch, but really does so much more! For $199, it’s the first device that has the ability to tie your movement, calories burnt, sweat, and pulse together. You gain insight into which activities burn the most calories for you and how you can alter your fitness routine for maximum results. The device can actually save you time and money, because you can see which workouts work best for you (if you've invested in a gym membership). Basis also believes that a few key concepts can help you change your overall health and mood; adding walks, getting proper rest by setting, and sticking to, a reasonable bedtime, and that it's hard to manage what you can't measure. This device has changed all of that.

Both "techies" and fitness lovers are really digging this new wave of fitness gadgets.