Born of Sound
Custom artwork that makes the audible, visible.










Music is the soundtrack of our lives and for most music can transport us back to our favorite place or a particular time that had a long lasting impression us. Whether the music in question is to remember someone or just your most memorable time with friends there’s something unobtainable about sounds, in general, because we can't see them. A company in California, Born of Sound, allows you to take your most important sound bites and turn them into stunning art work as a way to memorialize important people, places, moments, and sounds in life. 

Born of Sound takes the vibrations we hear, but usually cannot see and creates customizable artwork. Their website allows you to upload any sound that you've recorded and then turns the vibrations into how they would appear if we could visualize them. Completely customizable, your sound becomes a physical embodiment that you can then hang up in your apartment or office. You choose the shape of the “sound-form,” either the misty Fluidicity or the more digital style Holi Smoke, a vibrant color, size and mounting style, as well as the type of substrate, photo-paper or canvas. Examples of Born of Sound artwork includes, the sound of a wine bottle being opened and poured (pictured), phrases of love, children giggling, a nostalgic materialization of a departed relative playing the fiddle, and lots more. Born of Sound's visual sound artwork pieces begin at around $250 and increase in accordance to size, mounting, and substrate selected. 

What would you record to become your own personal sound artwork? Tell us in the comments below!