May is National Bicycle Month
3 great reasons to ditch mass transit

Cities in the United States are not as bicycle-friendly as other cities around the world are. Take Amsterdam for example, bikes outnumber cars and are the main mode of transportation for many of the city’s inhabitants. It's safer (espeically after a few cafe trips), cheaper to use, and overall better for the environment. Many European cities have thriving bicycle-sharing programs that allow tourists and residents alike to sign out a bike for the day, or even just for 20 minutes to run an errand, at a relatively cheap rate. Like most things born in Europe, the United States is a little slower on picking up on innovative, environmentally-friendly programs. Starting May 27th though this is about to change with CitiBank’s introduction of their Citi Bike share program.

With hundreds of bicycle stations throughout the city, riders will just simply swipe their credit cards to unlock a bike and off they go. All bikes are sturdy, easy-to-use, and easily adjust to accommodate a variety of riders. Of course, you’ll need to wear a helmet abide by all the other NYC bicycle laws. The best part about the Citi Bike share program is that bicycling to your destinations is efficient, sustainable, and saves you cash, all while working out those glutes. The program begins on Monday, May 27th but to register for your membership number ahead of the first day you can sign up beginning on Friday, May 17th. Check out the map for Citi Bike stations nearest you. Membership costs $95 for the year while 24-hour and 7-day passes are $9.95 and $25, respectively. Remember that all bikes are subject to overtime fees so don't forget to return the bike after a night of bar hopping.

This coming Friday, May 17th, also happens to be Bike to Work Day and the entire month of May is dedicated to all things cycling and bike-related. Enjoy the fresh air instead of a crowded bus or subway car. Get some morning exercise before being parked at your desk for the next 8 hours. Help limit carbon emissions. The reasons to ride your bike to work on Friday are hard to argue against. Presented by GIRO, a sports design company, Bike to Work Day will help raise awareness for transportation alternatives and hopes to lessen our dependence on mass transit. On the morning of Bike to Work Day, there will be morning fueling stations throughout the city offering freeBrooklyn Roasting Company coffee, Vita Coco coconut water, and breakfast from KIND and Cabot. Plus lots of bike-related giveaways so we hope your bike has a basket. After work head down to the Archway under Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO for the Bike Home From Work Party beginning at 6:30pm. The party will feature a Nighttime Reflective Fashion Show, pop-up shops with a showcase of bikes, accessories and commuter apparel, and some of Brooklyn’s best food and drink vendors, including Brooklyn Brewery.  

For more information on the Citi Bike program and Bike to Work Day click here & here.

Happy cycling!