For Your Viewing Pleasure
EyeParty—The name says it all

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, EDC NYC is this upcoming weekend and what better way to experience your favorite DJs and their infamous light shows than with a little enhancement? With a pair of EyeParty glasses your viewing experience will be taken to the extreme. These aren’t just any old pair of neon aviators, EyeParty glasses deliver a shot of visual adrenaline by enhancing the visual production at any festival, club, or performance space.  

Formed in 2012, EyeParty is on a mission to alter the overall experience of music lovers, EDM in particular, at live shows. Dedicated EDM-lovers, the company founders sought out a way to safely enhance the visual aspect of partying, but without the illicit drug use, to create a safer and more harmonious EDM community. When our senses are amplified our overall experience is deeper and it is with this in mind that EyeParty went from the drawing board to reality. So how do they work? It’s magic and we’re not giving away any secrets. The shades magically alter any light source into a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic world without the nasty side effects that are known to accompany alternative ways of literally seeing through kaleidoscope eyes.

When we tried on our pair of EyePartys in the office, it was intense to say the least. Rainbows were everywhere—never a negative, obviously. Diffraction glasses are nothing new, chances are you had a monocle version growing up but EyeParty makes those look like exactly what they are, child’s play. By using a one-of-a-kind diffraction infused lense set, much stronger than what is generally sold on the market, EyePartys are some next level partying accessories. Plus you can customize your experience by flipping down the wayfarer-style flip frames for whenever you want to turn up the effects. The good partying-folk at EyeParty even tested out their product in some of the hardest party environments in the scene such as paint and foam parties, and of course out in the rain because what festival isn't complete without a flash thunderstorm?

EyeParty glasses are water and sweet proof and come in seven colors. Pairs go for $19.95 each (shipping rates not included) and come in a microfiber cleaning and storage bag.

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To place your orders, head over to the EyeParty website and stay tuned for a full line up of neon hats, tanks and tees from EyeParty coming soon.