Bang With NYC at Pink Elephant
The people behind the edgy new app Bang With Friends throw first of its kind party at Pink Elephant

Memorial Day Weekend was jam packed with parties from the Hamptons to Atlantic City. Friday night Pink Elephant may have had the most unique party of all with their Bang With NYC event celebrating the hot new hookup app, Bang With Friends.

After a week in town doing their Internet Week rounds, the good guys at Bang With Friends, including co-founders of the app, were ready to party. And party they did. The event was perhaps the first party ever where guests could see and choose who they wanted to hookup with before the party. Guests that RSVP'd for the party were taken to the Bang With Friends website where they could register through their Facebook account. Once registered guests could see all other RSVP'd guests' Facebook profile pictures, see somebody they thought was hot and with one click let them know that they wanted to hook up. The object of their affection would then see that somebody is interested and could either ignore them or let them know that the feeling is mutual.

Great idea isn't it? How many times have men and women went to a party and found themselves in lust with an incredibly attractive person but did not approach them either because of fear of rejection or many other possible reasons? Well Friday at Pink Elephant it was possible for guests to attend the party already knowing they had somebody mutually interested in them, could approach them confidently and maybe if they were lucky, walk out the door with their new friend. To help Bang With Friends members achieve their ultimate goal, Balls Vodka, one of the parties sponsors, had a one-hour open bar, serving perfectly strong cocktails that had guests ready to party and mingle. To further promote the theme of the night, Bang With Friends had a raffle on-site that benefitted a charitable organization. The lucky winner received a bottle of Balls Vodka, a pack of 10 Power Balls (mini bottles), and a hotel room to get busy in for the night.

With music thumping from some of the best DJs in NYC and the amazing scene Pink Elephant has become known for where guests partied hard and danced the night away. The Bang With NYC event was a complete success and judging from the craziness that took place during the night, the Bang With Friends app definitely served its purpose for at least a few guests. Facebook users looking to hookup with one of their Facebook friends can download the app or join the website and find out if their friend has felt the same way this whole time.