MonkeyLectric Animated Bike Wheels
Just in time for bike month, grab some illuminated wheels for riding pleasure!

Who doesn’t love going for a bike ride on a sunny day? And how much fun would it be to add incredible animated LED displays to your wheels when you ride around at night? MonkeyLectric, a California based company, has just introduced their new line of bike wheels, Monkey Light Pro.

These snazzy wheels are fitted with 256 full color LEDs that can be mounted onto any bike wheel and is visible from both sides. You can even organize your own images on your computer and then download them via Bluetooth and you can have any image displayed. If you want an awesome animated image to ride along with you in your wheels, you can even upload 90 seconds of animation. Just keep the wheels going between 10-40mph and your animated friend will come to life on the road. Now while these wheels look delicate, they are incredibly durable, complete with a stainless steel anti-theft strap, a vibration proof mount, and last up to 8 hours.

Not only are the designs really cool, people around the world have taken MonkeyLectric’s protoypes and developed them for individual projects around the world. The Fukushima Wheelproject created a bike complete with pollution sensors that collects data from the environment as you ride around through the environment. However, this company is only comprised of six people and they have created a Kickstarter in order to help fund the production of the Monkey Light Pro, so for now it is only available there. Check out their website for more information and watch this video to see some of the incredible animation and some funky new ideas in action!