Designs of the Future
Gadgets that will add some awesome to your life

The Loop 

For the truly indulgent, try taking one of the coolest showers of your life. Idiha Designs, the Italian furniture and fixture company has created something incredibly unique. It’s called the “Loop” and it allows for a shower in a circle, with 360-degree shower spray technology. This sleek, futuristic shower is multi-sensory with many functions (although they are not fully specified). The basic structure is white, and the interior can come light green or pink, to soothe or liven up your shower experience. This work of art is absolutely stunning to look at and would be an awesome addition to a modern styled home or outdoor area. For more information on the Loop, check out their website.



Levitating Cloud Sofa

Have you ever wanted to sleep on a cloud? Tons of mattress companies try to emulate the feeling of a cloud, but D.K. Wei has taken it up a notch. This company has designed a sofa that is suspended in the air via magnetic force to give you a truer cloud experience. Yes, this is only a concept product, but it is actually the coolest thing ever. The upper part is supported by magnetic force generated by the bottom base unit and will support an individual of average weight. This can be used when working or for a quick power nap to release the stress.  We can all thank Wei for this incredible invention as it is sure to inspire many others to develop ultra-comfortable relaxing furniture. So keep your fingers crossed for a potential release date for this floating masterpiece and get lost in the clouds.



Transparent Cell Phones 

Yes, you read that right. Polytron Technologies  in Taiwan just unveiled their new see through phone. This phone has taken six years of research and development before it could even be released as a prototype to the public. The technology, “Switchable Glass” consists of a conductive OLED screen with liquid crystal molecules to display the images and text. When the phone is powered the laminated glass is clear, and if off, the color is translucent white. Now this thin, clear gadget may seem flimsy, but the glass is both scratch and shatter resistant. So far, the only part that can’t be completely clear is the battery and it can’t run any software (except for playing music) but they’re working on it. This phone is only a little larger than the iPhone5 and can display images on the front and back. There are no updates on the price of this product, but according to the company, it will be cheaper than the iPhone 5. The official release date is for the end of 2013, so get ready for the phone of the future!