Structure Personal Fitness: Taking Personal Training to a New Level
A workout tailored just for you

Tucked away on the Upper East Side lies a gym that is ready and rearing to kick your butt. Structure Personal Fitness is like the 'Cheers' of gyms, where everybody knows your name, creating a fun atmosphere for getting into shape. The gym specializes in small group personal training sessions, making your experience individualized and tailored to your needs.

Your first session will begin with a questionnaire, where you will state your fitness goals and history. Next, Coach Kev will assess your fitness level, taking into account your flexibility and any limitations you may have. Next, you will dive right into a quick and heart rate climbing warm-up. Each workout session is 60 minutes long, packing tons of great excercises into a short period of time. A great quality of Structure Personal Fitness is their ability to cater a regime specifically to your needs, whether you are trying to focus on your core, train for a marathon, or just lose weight overall. Additionally, you will never get bored or plateau because the coaches here are constantly changing your routine, ensuring you keep improving each session.

If you are looking for the ultimate, butt-kicking workout to keep you toned for the summer, look no further than Structure Personal Fitness.