Mind = Blown
Space playground, graffiti sculptures, and more

Graffiti Fish Tank

London artist Dean Zeus Coleman, more commonly known as Zeus, has completely stunned the graffiti world once again with his newest sculptural sensation, The Graffiti Fish Tank. For 27 years Zeus has been “drawing inspiration from the urban culture to create dynamic, experimental compositions that have re-defined graffiti art.” His impressive piece is made entirely of Plexiglas, and has the capacity to house live fish within the artwork itself. The piece spells FSH, shortening the word fish, with an arrow striking through the center of the letters. Zeus effectively revamped the traditional rectangular fish tank, and made it reflective of the street art style. He has removed graffiti from its constraints of walls and canvases, and transformed it into a 3D masterpiece that will dominate the central space of any room. For more information on Zeus and his work, check out his website 

Space-Inspired Floating Playground

Welcome to space. In Orbit, the newest piece by artist Tomás Saraceno, has taken three years to design and build, and is now finally open to the public. Saraceno’s goal as an artist is to  make the viewers float, so naturally, he has made this installation interactive, complete with ropes, mesh, and inflatable balloons hanging 60 feet in the air. He describes his work as “inflatable landscapes like they’re building-sized models of physical phenomena, including string theory, Planck scales, and space-time continuums." This playground is set in the courtyard of a German museum, and the massive canopy with massive PVC balls covers all 75,000-square-feet of the space. So get celestial, jump into orbit, and explore the cosmos. For more information on the exhibit, visit the museum’s website.

3D Pentax Camera

Designer Prevoteau Mathieu has just created the 3D Pentax Camera. This incredibly cool gadget has the ability to take a picture, hook up to a 3D-printer, and then create a small landscape style sculptural replica of the photograph. While many fun applications for this product come to mind, this design is specifically aimed at helping the blind to see what others see. The model can be touched and held, and every detail can be incorporatd onto the page; it's a kind of a high-relief sculpture. This will enable the visually impaired to experience the world in a new way. The camera is fitted with a large button to facilitate taking a photo, and logo-based camera settings if you want to adjust the image. For more information on Pentax products, check out their website

Sound Poster

"Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand."

This Chinese proverb are the words that Netherlands-based design studio Trapped in Suburbia always abide by, and hope to bring this mentality to their audience as well. They have just created an incredibly innovative work of art that has defined an entirely new genre of art. By moving your hands across their poster, you can create sounds. And before you ask, yes, this is real. Trapped in Suburbia has utilized conductive paint to make their vision come to life. This interactive poster requires the viewer to touch the canvas in two locations in order to generate a current which will then produce a sound. The various shapes, patterns, and locations will help to transform the sound. The company Bare Conductive is responsible for producing the conductive paint used by Trapped in Suburbia, and CNN cites this paint technology as one “that could change the world.” For more information on this piece and more, check out their website, and watch their debut video of their sound poster below: