Gadgets That Light Up Your Life
Add some color to your everyday items

Illuminated Furniture

Are you looking for that one piece that will completely transform your apartment? Well, you're in luck. A recent trend has been combining light technology and furniture design into a fully functioning interactive system. Why should you settle for the standard, same old stuff, when you can have luxurious illuminated furniture? Designers have been pulling out all of the stops and are introducing pieces like the Tree Rings by Judson Beaumont, The Nova Black Hole Coffee Table, and illuminated arboreal décor. Check out some of the amazing photos in the slideshow below!           



Bio Robot Fridge

Designed by Yuriy Dmitriev, this fridge cools bio-polymer gel through luminescence. The green 'goo' is actually a non-sticky gel which “surrounds the food item when shoved into the bio-polymer gel, creating separate pods.” As you can see, the products can placed anywhere on the gel surface, and there are no drawers or doors that get in your way. While the Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator is only a prototype, this innovative design may be the look of the future. For more information on Electrolux and their designs, make sure to take a look at their homepage.



Too many moments pass us by, and sometimes we want nothing more than to have those memories on camera. Six Swedish entrepreneurs got together and wanted to solve this problem, and they came up with: Memoto. Memoto is a tiny, wearable camera that hooks onto your shirt and takes pictures every 30 seconds while you walk around in your normal routine. This tiny gadget can hold up to 4,000 pictures. What this enables you to do is photograph your entire day, hook it up to a computer, and take a look at your day from an entirely different perspective, recently termed ‘lifelogging.’ This camera comes in three fun colors, and costs about the same as a standard camera. So try Memoto, and go exploring! You never know what you’ll see…


On a rainy day, you will see a plethora of bright colored, humorously patterned or plain umbrellas on the street. How about walking down the street and seeing someone holding the bottom half of an umbrella, no umbrella top, and not getting wet? Crazy, right? Not at all! Designers Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon have reinvented the umbrella utilizing wind power. They call it the Air-umbrella. This amazing design is convenient, trendy, and eco-friendly. Too good to be true? Take a look at the design here.


Heineken Ignite Beer Bottle 

What’s more fun than going out and drinking some beers? Drinking beer that lights up every time you take a sip, and moves to the beat of the music. Heineken has just released its newest product, the Heineken Ignite bottle. While some beer companies have opted for the simple label change or bottle re-shaping, Heineken wanted to one-up its competition and incorporate LED lights into its bottles. The Ignite Bottle will come out in a couple of months and is sure to turn any party into a full on rave. Check out their video below!